Alicante slim wallet

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Cod produs: 13400101
Alicante slim wallet. Having problems with bulging pockets? Slim down your wallet for easy storage and carrying. The wallet can hold up to 10 cards which are held in place by the elastic polyester bands. The white card can be used as a divider to sort your cards. Notes can be folded between the elastic bands. Exclusive design. Polyester and PP Plastic.
Detalii tehnice:
Bucati bax: 600
Greutate: 11
Dimensiuni: 9,2 cm x 5,6 cm x ,5 cm
Metoda personalizare: Padprint
Dimensiune imprimare: 40 x 20
Dimensiuni bax: 31 x 40 x 35
Pret bucata: 1.15 (EURO fara TVA)
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